3 Reasons You Need Green Cleaning For Your Home’s Carpeting

Your home’s carpeting can collect years’ worth of grime, dust, dirt, and other harmful particles in its fibers. That means it’s important to invest in regular carpet cleaning services from a company you can count on. That’s where Flooring Expressions’ expert carpet cleaning professionals can help. We offer comprehensive home cleaning services run by our family-owned and operated specialists. We use only green carpet cleaning solutions that leave your carpets clean without residue or chemical traces. We also only use pet- and child-safe cleaning solutions for all of our home cleaning services, which has earned us the reputation of the safest carpet cleaners in Indianapolis. Learn more about our green cleaning methods by visiting our website today. Here are three reasons you need green cleaning for your home’s carpeting.

Chemicals Do More Harm Than Good

When it comes time for your annual carpet cleaning, you want to invest in a company that employs green cleaning solutions. Harmful and harsh chemicals can do more damage than good to your carpets. Your carpet fibers trap in dirt and other debris, but harsh chemicals can wear away at delicate carpet fibers. This creates a washed-out, threadbare, and discolored appearance over time. Furthermore, most chemicals leave behind harmful residues that circulate throughout your home and can lead to health issues. After all, what is the point of cleaning your carpets if they end up worse for wear?

Better for the Planet

Green carpet cleaning is better for the planet. Think about the harmful chemicals that get dumped into your local ecosystem daily. All of this adds up to create a toxic sludge that might leave your home clean but will kill thriving ecosystems. Therefore, the best way to ensure you are doing your part as a homeowner to care for the earth is to hire a green carpet cleaning company that cares about its impact on the environment. Flooring Expressions is a family-owned and operated business that wants to protect your home – both indoors and outdoors.

Less Time Between Cleanings

Finally, a practical reason for choosing green carpet cleaning is that you can often go longer between carpet cleaning visits. Depending on the type of carpeting in your home and how much traffic it sees, we recommend carpet cleaning at least once a year, if not every six months. However, green cleaning methods are less intensive and harmful to your carpets – which means that you can clean your carpets more often if needed. The carpets won’t require cleaning as much since green methods gently remove grime and help prevent future build-up without leaving behind toxic residues. These residues in many traditional carpet cleaners give dirt something to cling to, which means you require more cleaning, more often – and the cycle continues.

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