Four Mistakes to Avoid When it Comes to Home Cleaning

Cleaning your home is a good way to improve the quality of the air you breathe, raise property value, and maintain a tidy household environment. However, it’s easy to make these four mistakes when it comes to home cleaning. In the end, these mistakes can have big effects on the surfaces in your home as well as your wellbeing. Therefore, it’s best to ask for advice and help from your Flooring Expressions home cleaning experts to avoid these home cleaning mistakes altogether. You can learn more about all of our services by visiting our website today. You can also text or call us anytime to set up your free consultation for all your home cleaning needs.


Here are four mistakes to avoid when it comes to home cleaning to help you start on the right track.


Using the Wrong Cleaning Solutions


When it comes to cleaning your home, many cleaning solutions do more harm than good. These solutions are sold in stores and bought every day. However, any professional cleaner can tell you some solutions do more harm to the surface in your home than good. Harsh chemicals are rarely necessary to truly clean your home and can chip paint, mark surfaces, and cause wear and tear. Plus, they leave behind harmful residues and strong odors that can be unsafe for your family.


Falling Behind on a Regular Cleaning Schedule


One of the biggest home cleaning mistakes is not sticking to a regular cleaning schedule. When you put off basic home cleaning, your home quickly accumulates grime that becomes overwhelming. This is when the air quality in your home can be decreased, which is hard to fix amongst all of life’s other responsibilities. Staying on top of a simple cleaning schedule is the best way to avoid the chaos of cramming a bunch of cleaning into an already chaotic schedule.


Doing Surface-Level Cleaning Only


If you only clean the surface level of everything in your home, your home will end up remaining dirty. It takes deep cleaning methods to truly leave your space sparkly clean. However, it’s hard for most homeowners to keep up with cleaning at this level. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider investing in home cleaning services from Flooring Expressions. We serve the Indianapolis area with reliable home cleaning services that go in-depth to clean more than just surfaces in your home.


Hiring the Wrong Company


Just like not hiring a cleaning company is a major home cleaning mistake, so is hiring the wrong company. Many companies do a quick, cheap job using harsh chemicals that pollute your environment. If you care about the quality of service you receive, your family’s health, and the health of the planet, then you should consider Flooring Expressions. With every service we provide, we only use child- and pet-safe cleaning agents that are biodegradable and food-grade. Contact us today at (317) 313-1313 for more information or to get started with your in-home cleaning services.


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