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Indy's Safest Local Family Carpet Cleaner"

We are currently raising the 4th Generation Staff for our local family owned and operated small business that is known for being “Indianapolis’ Safest Carpet Cleaner”. Our passion for Child & Pet Safe cleaning procedures that utilize safe biodegradable Food Grade cleaning agents that leave your carpets looking and smelling fresh with no residue make our cleaning #1.

Your floors will look cleaner and stay that way longer with our ACTUAL Carpet Cleaning!
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Fast & Efficient Service

You know who will be in your house! It will be Torrey (me the owner) or one of my family team, Beau or Justin. We have never had to put out an ad to hire anyone and have never had to fire anyone! Opposed to the average job length of 6 months with employees at franchises.

Qualified team

The state does not require companies to be Licensed or Certified, but we see this as a great opportunity! We do it anyways to set ourselves apart as the smart decision when choosing a professional carpet cleaning company in Indianapolis.

Affordable pricing

Unlike the big name franchises with 7 figure advertising budgets, we are a Local and Family owned company in your community that has been in the flooring industry for 3 generations. The money stays in our community and helps build a stronger Indiana!

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Quality Service is Our Guarantee

We are “Indianapolis’ Safest Carpet Cleaner” specializing in Food Grade cleaning agents that are 100% biodegradable and have no VOCs!

About Us

Indianapolis IN Carpet Cleaning by Flooring Expressions.

Thank you for considering us for your cleaning and restoration needs for your home or business! Please scroll through the site briefly to see all the services we offer and read the PROOF of why we are “Indianapolis’ Safest Carpet Cleaner” specializing in Food Grade cleaning agents that are 100% biodegradable and no VOCs.









Is your cleaning agents or chemicals child and pet safe?
- Yes! We use biodegradable, non-toxic green cleaners that are no more dangerous than your laundry detergent! And with our final steam cleaning rinse using filtered and softened water, we leave NO RESIDUE in the carpet fiber.
How long does it take for the carpet to dry?
- Well, we invested in high powered airmovers that can dry carpets in record times! Pick a few rooms and we can have them dry to the touch by the time we leave your driveway! Any other areas may take 2-8 hours to dry, not the dreaded 1-2 days you here the bad stories about others!
Will my carpet just get dirty again in a few days or weeks? Promise?
- Absolutely not! And we guarantee that jack! As we explained above, our steam cleaning rinse washes away all cleaning residues (even ones left behind from other cleaners before us) with filtered and softened water. We leave the carpet PH balanced neutral so its soft clean and fluffy! No more crunchy carpet that gets dirty quick. And if you think thats happening, we will reclean any areas in question for free up to 90 days after!
Do you move furniture?
- Yes, but not ALL the furniture. We are happy to move the small reasonable items like: Chairs, End Tables, Nightstands etc. We also will protect the legs with foam blocks or plastic tabs. We do NOT move large, heavy or expensive furniture. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us for clarification.
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We love our clients and they love our work. Our team is very experienced in both residential and commercial projects.

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