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    We know water damage of any nature can be particularly destructive and expensive to restore. Basement water accumulation and flooding are just one category of dangerous water damage. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, accumulated water in your property’s basement should be dealt with right away. Unfortunately, basements are usually the first location on your property to sustain water damage during flooding because of their location. Even newer structures in higher areas are not immune to the possibility of accumulated water in their basements. When basements take on excess water, further damage can range from mold growth to structural issues. Finally, health concerns can pile up quickly when water pools in your basement.
    Luckily, Flooring Expressions is here to help home and business owners across the Indianapolis region when their basement floods. Our comprehensive and affordable basement water extraction services work in tandem with our restoration techniques to repair your property quickly. Flooring Expressions is an entirely family-owned and operated business heading into our fourth generation. We have also earned a reputation as one of the safest, most reliable, and most affordable restoration companies in the Indianapolis area.

    Basement Flooding Basics

    The basics of basement flooding and water accumulation are important to note. Knowing them can help home and business owners take preventative measures to alleviate flooding on their property. Basements are the first point of contact between your building’s structure and the ground. That is why they usually flood before other areas of your home. If you have a faulty structural foundation, live in an older building, have not waterproofed your basement, or reside in a flood-prone or low-lying region, the chances of basement water accumulation increase drastically. However, anyone’s basement can flood or accumulate excess water under particular circumstances.
    Usually, excess rainfall in a short period is the main culprit. As more water seeps through the soil, your basement slowly accumulates extra water, causing water damage. Other factors such as sloping land nearby can cause runoff to be channeled directly onto your property. Flooding conditions and recent flood warnings should always be heeded since flash floods can occur at any moment. Flash floods are even more dangerous because they happen without warning and move quickly.

    Basement Water Accumulation Causes

    Aside from flooding and heavy rainfall, there are many other potential causes of water accumulating in your basement. Any type of plumbing issue, evenly apparently minor issues, can contribute to basement water accumulation. Addressing plumbing concerns and inspecting your plumbing system regularly can help alleviate the chances of basement flooding. Burst and frozen pipes commonly occur when pressure builds up in pipes. This can happen due to sudden shifts in temperature or external forces applying pressure to pipes, causing them to explode. Sump pump failures during the rainy season can cause your basement to accumulate water. Finally, if a sewage backup occurs on your property, water damage from accumulated water in your basement might occur. This also brings numerous biohazard risks which need to be addressed quickly to reduce disease transmission.

    The Aftermath of Basement Water Accumulation

    In the aftermath of a flooded basement, many issues need to be addressed. Aside from structural damage to your home’s foundation and basic support structures, water damage in your basement can also produce health risks. Microbial contaminants might be present in your home. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other particles could be present on the surface of your home, the air you breathe, and within your personal belongings even after the water has been removed. Therefore, detailed decontamination efforts are also essential after basement water extraction services.

    Furthermore, mold is a common threat after the water has accumulated in your basement. Mold and moisture, dark and humid conditions to spread its colonies. Often these factors are present after or during water accumulation in your basement. It only takes one spore and these conditions to create a major issue that requires professional mold removal. There are also many health risks associated with mold growth, ranging from minor to life-threatening and terminal illnesses. Lastly, individuals with pre-existing conditions or compromised immune systems are even more susceptible to the effects of mold growth on their properties.

    Luckily, Flooring Expressions has you covered when it comes to all your basement water extraction needs

    Our Basement Water Removal Services

    At Flooring Expressions, we provide comprehensive basement water extraction services. Our approach begins with sealing off affected areas and using industrialized equipment to dry out the area until all moisture is removed. We follow up with detailed cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection protocols that eliminate biohazards and microbial contaminants from your premises. Finally, we inspect to ensure mold has not developed, all water is extracted, your basement is dry, and no other issues are present. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our detailed service!

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    Family-owned and operated for over four generations, Flooring Expressions is here to serve Indianapolis and the surrounding areas with reliable basement water extraction services. We provide service for both residential and commercial properties. At Flooring Expressions, we are passionate about using proven child-and pet-safe cleaning methods that use biodegradable food-grade cleaning agents. Our methods are proven to eradicate harmful pollutants, residues, and chemicals from your property while eliminating excess water in your basement. Call or text us at (317) 313-1313 anytime to get started.

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