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    Hardwood floors are a timeless classic when it comes to adding beauty, warmth, and visual appeal to your home. However, they also require extensive care, cleaning, and maintenance to stay in optimal condition. Everyday life can wreak havoc on even the most pristine hardwood floors. Therefore, staying on top of basic hardwood cleaning and care is critical.
    Flooring Expressions is here for you! Our reliable hardwood floor cleaning services will help you tackle all your floor maintenance needs. Our trained, family-owned and operated experts have generations of hardwood floor care under our belts. From visible scratch reduction to basic cleaning, we can do it all at Flooring Expressions.

    Hardwood Cleaning

    Flooring Expressions is happy to service the Indianapolis area going into our fourth generation. With timely and reliable service of the highest quality, we practice integrity in everything we do. These are the same principles that our founder started in the 1950s. In fact, it’s our passion to bring only the best in hardwood floor care to your home or business. Our reputation as “Indianapolis’ Safest Carpet Cleaner” applies the same principles to our hardwood floor services. With every service we offer, we always use child- and pet-friendly safe cleaning solutions, including biodegradable food-grade cleaning agents. When it comes to truly cleaning hardwood floors, our methods will leave your floors fresh, clean, sanitized, residue-free, and vibrant without causing further harm.

    Why You Need Hardwood Cleaning Services

    It’s a good idea to practice regular, daily hardwood floor care. Using recommended household cleaners on your hardwood floors, paired with sweeping and gentle mopping procedures, can reduce damage to your hardwood floors. However, as with any type of flooring, it takes professional services to deeply clean your hardwood. Dirt and other particles become deeply embedded within hardwood floor grains, requiring precise methods for accurate cleaning.
    The best solution for overall hardwood floor perfection is semi-annual hardwood floor services from Flooring Expressions. In fact, regular hardwood floor care has been proven to reduce the overall damage done to your floors. With a visible reduction in discoloration, marring, scratches, and the natural aging of your hardwood floor, you can even increase the value of your home.

    Discoloration and Fading

    The first thing regular hardwood cleaning can help alleviate is discoloration, fading, and sunspots. With time, your hardwood floor can begin to fade, especially in locations where it is exposed to the sunlight. Unfortunately, this fading occurs unevenly, which makes the visible appearance of discolored hardwood floors even more unappealing. If your hardwood floors have never been refinished or sealed, the severity of this fading can be even more apparent. Household cleaners can also create patches of discoloration, fading, and spotting, especially if they employ harsh chemicals.
    Using Flooring Expressions’ hardwood flooring services is a wise investment because we only use eco-friendly, safe, and harmless cleaning solutions. When we clean your hardwood floor, you never have to worry about discoloration, fading, or sunspots again. With regular visits, we can restore your hardwood floors and can keep up on the general maintenance that will increase their lifespan.

    Scratches and Marring

    Second, we can help combat scratches, marring, and other damage to your hardwood flooring. Heavily trafficked areas of your home are more prone to these issues. Using improper cleaning solutions and techniques can also cause damage to your hardwood floors. Therefore, sealing hardwood floors with the right techniques and then maintaining them with streamlined cleaning methods is wise. Reduce your scratches and marring with Flooring Expressions today. Give us a call for your free consultation anytime!

    Our Hardwood Cleaning Service

    If you need reliable hardwood cleaning services for your home or business, Flooring Expressions is ready to help. If your hardwood floors have suffered natural aging, discoloration, scratching, or any other form of damage, our comprehensive hardwood cleaning methods can solve your troubles fast. You can learn more about our hardwood floor maintenance and cleaning services on our website or by contacting us today to speak with one of our representatives.

    Cleaning & Refinishing Hardwood Floor Services

    At Flooring Expressions, we offer cleaning and refinishing services that you can rely on. First, we inspect your hardwood flooring to create a streamlined action plan. Then we begin by gently sweeping and removing dirt from the surface. After these steps, we employ gentle and child-/pet-friendly cleaning solutions to deeply remove dirt from the grains of your hardwood flooring. Then we use precise sealing and refinishing techniques to help your hardwood floors stay clean until our next service call.

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    Welcome to family-owned and operated Flooring Expressions, where we have been serving the Indianapolis area for generations. With both residential and commercial services for all your flooring needs, we offer a fast and reliable solution to restoring your hardwood flooring. Give us a call or text us anytime you need our hardwood floor care at (317) 313-1313. From our family to yours, Flooring Expressions is your go-to professional for all your hardwood floor needs

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