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    Flooring Expressions Oriental Rug Cleaning

    Just like your home’s carpeting can get messy with the natural chaos of life, so can your beautiful accent and oriental rugs. Over time, even the most vibrant oriental rugs can become grimy, dingy, and discolored. Nobody wants to diminish the appeal of a well-chosen oriental rug in their home, which is why proper oriental rug cleaning is a wise investment for homeowners
    Flooring Expressions is here to help with all your home or business cleaning, maintenance, and restoration needs. Our oriental rug cleaning service experts can tackle area rugs of all styles, shapes, sizes, and fiber lengths. Our business is entirely family-owned and operated with professionals who are trained in oriental rug cleaning. From stain and spot removal to odor control and pet-specific issues, Flooring Expressions is here 24/7.

    Flooring Expressions Rug Cleaning

    Welcome to Flooring Expressions’ oriental and area rug cleaning services!

    Our business has been in our family since the 1950s and is currently being run by its fourth generation. Today we enact the same principles of honesty, integrity, and quality service that our founder began decades ago. Our passion extends to every service we provide, including our detailed oriental rug cleaning services. We have a special location for rug cleaning in Indianapolis where we send your oriental rugs to be cleaned on-site. Our cleaning and restoration will leave them at an entirely new level of cleanliness.
    Our passion has earned us numerous five-star ratings and a reputation as “Indianapolis’ Safest Carpet Cleaner.” At Flooring Expressions, we care about the health and well-being of our customers. That’s why we only use child- and pet-safe cleaning methods and solutions, including biodegradable food-grade cleaning agents. When it comes to cleaning oriental and area rugs without harmful residue, you need the proven methods of Flooring Expressions. We will leave your rugs residue-free, vibrant, long-lasting, clean, fresh-scented, and sanitized.

    Why You Need Oriental Rug Cleaning Services

    Regular vacuuming and cleaning of your home’s carpets and rugs is wise. However, it’s even harder to properly clean oriental rugs than it can be to clean your carpets. That is why professional oriental rug cleaning services are the smart choice.
    You can do more damage than good to your rugs by trying to use harsh chemicals or techniques to deep clean your rugs. Oriental rugs are known for their delicate pattern and fibers that add flair to your home. However, using the wrong methods is a sure way to destroy the beautiful elements of your oriental rugs.
    Furthermore, cleaner area rugs mean a healthier home all around. Carpets and rugs harbor dirt, pollutants, particles, dust, and other allergens. As these get kicked up from movement, you breathe them in. The cleaner your carpets, the cleaner the air you breathe, reducing health risks such as asthma and allergies. The solution to oriental rugs that need some TLC is simple. Hiring a professional oriental rug cleaning service at least twice a year can reduce the number of harmful particles in the air. Business owners can also benefit from rug cleaning services. Protect your oriental rug investment by choosing only the best in rug cleaning services from Flooring Expressions.

    Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

    Oriental rugs require professional attention to detail and the fine art of identifying the type of fiber. The origin of each rug is also important, as it will help Flooring Expressions’ technicians to best identify the course of action for the cleaning process without causing damage. We only use safe and green cleaning solutions that won’t leave harmful residues behind on your delicate rugs. Our investment in the best education and training has helped us carve out a name for ourselves as a leading rug cleaning service in the area. Your heirloom textile deserves only the best from Flooring Expressions. Here is our step-by-step process.

    Step 1: Consultation & Transport

    First, we meet with you to discuss your rug cleaning needs. We’ll want to gather as much information as possible about your rug to best clean it without causing damage. Then we remove your rugs and securely transport them to our cleaning facilities.

    Step 2: Remove Large Soiling

    First, we begin by soaking carpeting gently to remove any large amount of soiling. Using gentle but complete immersion techniques, we can remove some soil without any agitation or cleaning solutions.

    Step 3: Safe Shampooing

    Then we use safe cleaning solutions to shampoo your carpets and remove dirt that is deeply embedded in carpet fibers. Next is a delicate rinse cycle, where we wash away this grime.

    Step 4: Extraction & Drying

    For the next step, we begin extraction with light agitation from machines to remove moisture particles in rug fibers. We follow this process with a complete drying process to eliminate any remaining moisture.

    Step 5: Inspection & Return

    Finally, we inspect your rug to make sure it is entirely clean and dry. Then we return it to your home and let you check it out. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our detailed oriental rug cleaning process or your money back!

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    Flooring Expressions is entirely family-owned and operated and serves the Indianapolis area. We offer both residential and commercial oriental and area rug cleaning services. When your rugs are looking a little dingy, we are the experts to call for some serious rug TLC. You can reach us by phone at (317) 313-1313 call or text us anytime to learn more or get started with your oriental rug cleaning service visit.

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