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    Flooring Expressions Power Washing Services

    When it comes to the pristine exterior of your home or business, the rain won’t cut it. For a better aesthetic as well as adding value to your property, power washing services are a worthwhile investment. Power washing from a trusted home cleaning, maintenance, and restoration company like Flooring Expressions can keep the exteriors of all the buildings on your property in top shape. Plus, power washing can target walkways and other areas on your property, leaving them vibrant and safe.
    Flooring Expressions is here for all your power washing needs both large and small. Our family-owned and operated business has generations of power washing experience under our belts for both residential and commercial properties. From years’ worth of grime build-up to a quick cleaning to leave your home sparkling year-round, we can help at Flooring Expressions.

    Power Washing

    Flooring Expressions is happy to service the Indianapolis area going into our fourth generation. We practice integrity and honesty as part of our timely, reliable, and high-quality customer service. These principles are the same ones started by our founders back in the 1950s, before Flooring Expressions was the business it has become today. While our passion has earned us the reputation of “Indianapolis’s Safest Carpet Cleaner,” we do more than just carpet cleaning.
    The same principles apply to our power washing services, which use child- and pet-friendly safe cleaning solutions. Our cleaning methods and agents are always biodegradable, food-grade, eco-friendly options.

    Why You Need Professional Power Washing Services

    Cleaning the exterior of your home is easier said than done. While you might be able to reach the lower regions of your home, the higher areas can become dangerous to clean on your own. Without proper harnesses, ladders, and industrial equipment, balancing precariously to clean these parts of your home’s exterior is simply dangerous.
    Furthermore, there is no simple method to properly clean your home’s exterior. Using hot soap and water isn’t enough to remove severe buildup and grime from your home. Since the exterior is exposed to the elements, all kinds of dirt, grime, particles, and debris can quickly create a gooey, sticky, and stubborn film on your home. That is why power washing is the best way to brighten up the appearance of your home’s exterior. With precise methods, power washing on your property can reduce years’ worth of grime quickly.
    Finally, built-up grime can be more than just an unwanted eyesore on your property. It can cause corrosion and damage to the building’s siding and cement surfaces such as walkways, patio spaces, and poolside areas. Therefore, investing in power washing services is about more than good appearances; it’s also about protecting your investment as a property owner. To avoid corrosion and other structural issues such as rot and decay, it’s a good idea to consider an annual power washing service. Flooring Expressions’ power washing services are proven to help increase the lifespan of your home’s siding as well as walkways and other surfaces. For any of your power washing needs, we are the ones to call!

    Our Power Washing Services

    If your home or business exterior needs some TLC from natural aging, recent weather events, or serious build-up, our comprehensive power washing methods are here to help!
    When you hire us, we’ll meet with you to inspect your property and discuss your options. Then we’ll create a specific plan of action to best clean your property with our gentle but powerful power washing methods. Using eco-friendly, pet- and child-safe cleaning solutions plus a lot of water power, we clean your exterior quickly. After scrubbing away grime and debris, we’ll inspect your home’s surfaces for any remaining issues to guarantee your satisfaction. Learn more about our power washing techniques by visiting our website today or contacting us to speak with one of our representatives.

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    Welcome to family-owned and operated Flooring Expressions, where we have been serving the Indianapolis area for generations. With both residential and commercial services for all your cleaning and maintenance needs. We offer detailed power washing services. Give us a call or text us anytime you need our hardwood floor care at (317) 313-1313. From our family to yours, Flooring Expressions is your go-to professional for all your power washing needs.

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