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    Flooring Expressions Restoration Tool Rental Services

    When it comes to restoring your home or business, you might require specialized tools to help get the job done right. Whether you are working alone or with a team of professional restoration experts, sometimes you need a reliable place to rent restoration tools. That’s where we come into the picture at Flooring Expressions. Serving Indianapolis and surrounding areas as an entirely family-owned and operated business since 2008, we offer trusted restoration tool rental services you can count on. With the best tool rental protocol in town, we make it simple to rent the high-quality tools you need at an affordable cost.
    Welcome to Flooring Expressions, where we are here for all your cleaning, maintenance, and restoration needs throughout the Indianapolis area. Contact us today to learn more about our tool rental process or to get started with any of our numerous services.

    Restoration Tool Rental Services

    Flooring Expressions is happy to serve the Indianapolis area, and we are currently raising our fourth generation of home restoration, cleaning, and maintenance experts. We are known for our timely service, quality customer service guarantees, reliability, and attention to detail. These principles have been passed down for generations in our family from our founders in the 1950s.
    Our passion has earned us the reputation of “Indianapolis’s Safest Carpet Cleaner,” but we are more than just your average carpet cleaners. We use only child- and pet-friendly cleaning agents. We also provide unique services that are hard to find in the area, including our restoration tool rental process. Now you don’t have to worry about purchasing expensive restoration tools for a one-time project on your property. We make it easy to save money by renting high-quality tools for all your restoration efforts.

    Restoration Tools for Rent

    If you’re a local professional restoration contractor in the Indianapolis area we are your go-to expert for all your tool rental needs. We have affordable supplemental equipment that you can rent to complete your work. We also offer tool sales if you are looking for a long-term investment. Homeowners can also directly benefit from using our tool rental process. Our tool rental process makes it easy to find the restoration tools you need even if you are new to restoration work. Our customer service experts would be happy to meet with you to help you figure out the right tools for all your project needs, both large and small.

    Rent Our Industrial Dehumidifiers

    Many types of home maintenance and restoration projects require the use of reliable dehumidifiers. Your average indoor dehumidifier won’t cut it when it comes to restoration. Therefore, obtaining a durable industrial dehumidifier is important. Often after water damage or mold remediation efforts, a dehumidifier is needed to dry out affected areas of your property. Other uses for dehumidifiers might be after any type of large cleaning or maintenance project. Whatever your needs for industrial dehumidifiers are, we have you covered at Flooring Expressions with a few sizes of industrial dehumidifiers to choose from.

    Air Movers & Specialized Axial Air Movers

    You might also need to rent industrial air movers with your dehumidifier or separately. Water damage and home flooding are the most common times you might require an air mover rental. However, there are other uses as well. Air movers help circulate air better than your average fan to entirely dry out areas that were damaged or flooded. This is important to alleviate other problems like floor rotting, structural damage, and mold growth in your home or business. Air movers are relatively easy to transport and come in different types. We offer a wide variety of air movers, including specialized axial air movers.
    Our specialized axial air movers are designed to move large quantities of air in larger open spaces. They are often used in commercial settings, but can also be necessary for your home if the damage is severe and needs to be addressed quickly. They produce a heavier amount of airflow than smaller air movers so can be a wise investment if your area of damage is more extensive. You might save yourself more money by renting axial air movers in lieu of multiple smaller air movers and fan equipment. We can help you make the right choices when you call your friendly and knowledgeable restoration rental team members.

    Other Restoration Tool Rentals

    We also offer a small selection of other restoration tool rentals upon request. If you are curious about any of our tool rentals, we are easy to reach by phone at 317-313-1313. For all your restoration needs, we have a tool that can help make your job easier. Save time, money, and stress by renting your restoration tools instead of trying to buy them. For contractors and homeowners alike, tool rentals are a wise investment.

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    Welcome to family-owned and operated Flooring Expressions, where we have been serving the Indianapolis area for generations. We offer our clients both residential and commercial cleaning, maintenance, and restoration services. One service we provide is restoration tool rentals for contractors and homeowners who need reliable tools for an affordable cost. Give us a call or text us anytime you need us at (317) 313-1313.

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