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    Your upholstery is a major feature in your home. From comfy recliners to beautiful drapes that complete your living space perfectly, nobody wants to deal with dirty upholstery. Clean and fresh upholstered surfaces can add warmth and comfort to your home or work environment. However, regular upholstery maintenance without professional help can get a little tricky. To properly clean upholstery, precision, care, and years of experience are needed to leave surfaces clean and residue-free.

    Welcome to Flooring Expressions, where we can help you tackle all of your home or business cleaning, maintenance, and restoration needs. Our comprehensive upholstery cleaning services will quickly refresh and extend the lifespan of your upholstery. Our professional technicians are all part of our family-owned and operated business. For all your upholstery cleaning needs both big and small, call Flooring Expressions. We can handle it all!

    At Flooring Expressions, we are happily entering our fourth generation of serving the Indianapolis area with reliable residential and commercial cleaning, maintenance, and restoration services. We always practice the highest-quality customer service and integrity with every client we aid. These same principles were started by our founders back in the 1950s!


    Furthermore, these principles apply to the methods we use for cleaning services, including our upholstery cleaning. We only use child-, pet- and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions, which has earned us the reputation of “Indianapolis’s Safest Carpet Cleaner.” Our cleaning solutions are also biodegradable food-grade cleaning agents, meaning no harmful residue is left behind when we clean your upholstery. For fast, reliable, affordable, clean, sanitized, and residue-free upholstery cleaning, Flooring Expressions is your go-to expert.

    Why You Need Upholstery Cleaning Services

    Upholstery cleaning services are a smart investment for both home and business owners. At Flooring Expressions, we recommend regular upholstery cleaning every few months, or at least semi-annually. This helps maintain optimal levels of cleanliness and even reduces the allergens present in your home. Your upholstery, like your carpeting, is the perfect environment for dust and other particles to cling to. Over time, these particles build up and can cause breathing issues, asthma, and severe allergies. Therefore, regular upholstery cleaning can brighten up your living space as well as improve your health.

    Furthermore, clean upholstery can brighten up your home and increase the value of your living space. If your upholstery has stains or spots on it, professional services are your best bet to target pesky spotting. Also, odors can build up in your upholstery over time, including sweat, pet dander, lingering food odors, musty smells, and anything else which might come into contact with these surfaces. These smells won’t go away on their own; they require detailed upholstery cleaning to eliminate them fast.

    Our Upholstery Cleaning Service

    At Flooring Expressions, we offer reliable and comprehensive residential and commercial upholstery cleaning services. We handle everything from basic cleaning to detailing, odor control, and pet-specific stain removal. Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives. We can discuss your needs and get started cleaning all your upholstered surfaces. Here is a closer look at how we clean your upholstery at Flooring Expressions.

    Step 1: Consultation and Inspection

    First, we meet with you after your inquiry call. We will discuss which areas of your home need upholstery cleaning services and set up a service call to inspect your upholstery. We may ask questions about types of upholstery, coloration, and fiber lengths to prepare for cleaning your upholstery with our eco-friendly solutions.

    Step 2: Initial Cleaning

    Since upholstery textiles can be quite delicate, it takes a step-by-step process to clean them properly. We begin with an initial cleaning to remove surface-level dirt and grime without agitation. This gentle process eliminates years’ worth of grime without damaging your beautiful upholstery surfaces.

    Step 3: Removing Spots & Stains

    If there are spots or stains on your upholstery, we target these next. Using precise techniques and our pet- and child-safe cleaning methods; we can draw out even the most stubborn of stains to leave your upholstery vibrant!

    Step 4: Odor Control Measures

    Then we employ odor control measures to target the source of unwanted and persistent smells in your home. We work fast so your upholstery is odor-free and residue-free in no time!

    Step 5: Final Inspection and Cleaning

    Finally, we go over everything to make sure your upholstery is truly clean, sanitized, and completely dry. We check to make sure all stains and spots are removed, there are no lingering odors, and we have cleaned up the area entirely. Then we allow you to inspect our work. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with Flooring Expressions – every time.

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    Flooring Expressions is one of Indianapolis’s leading upholstery cleaning services. Every cleaning solution we use is biodegradable and safe for you, your family, and the planet. Our business is entirely family-owned and operated and has been serving the Indianapolis area for generations. Flooring Expressions is happy to provide services for both residential and commercial property owners. When your upholstery is due for a serious cleaning, contact us by phone at (317) 313-1313. You can call or text us anytime to learn more about what our family can offer your family

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