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    Water damage can happen to anyone on residential or commercial property. Unfortunately, water damage is one of the most destructive types of property damage that you can sustain. Furthermore, there are many health and safety concerns associated with water damage. Often there is no warning or way to prepare or avoid water damage. That’s why it’s important to take action as quickly as possible after you discover water damage on your property.

    Flooring Expressions is here to help home and business owners across the Indianapolis region in the aftermath of water damage. We offer comprehensive and affordable water damage restoration services to restore your property quickly. As a family-owned and operated business for over four generations, we have earned a reputation as one of the most reliable, safest, and most affordable water damage restoration services in Indianapolis.

    Water Damage Basics

    Understanding the basics behind water damage is important so you can act fast and alleviate damage to your property. Water damage can be caused by several factors. Sometimes multiple factors work together to create a more significant issue. Unfortunately, water damage can vary widely. Everything from structural integrity problems to rotting floorboards, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces can occur. Furthermore, harmful bacteria and viruses known as microbial contamination can enter your property during water damage. Microbial contaminants can pose significant health risks. Health complications can range from minor breathing issues and cold-like symptoms to severe, long-term, and even terminal illnesses.
    Mold growths are a common occurrence after recent water damage to your property. Finally, electric hazards can be present after water damage if outlets or wires come into contact with water. Although water damage might not seem like a major concern in the short term, the long-term ramifications and damage caused by even minor water damage issues can be drastic.

    Types of Water Damage

    Many different types of water damage might occur on your property. Some of the most common occurrences include:

    Flooring Expressions is your professional Indianapolis water damage specialist. We can handle water damage of all types, ranging from minor incidents to major catastrophes. With years of experience under our belts, no job is too big or small for us to fix. So if your residential or commercial property has recently sustained any degree of water damage, contact us. Our experts will respond within 24 hours to stop further damage in its tracks!

    Our Water Damage Restoration Process

    At Flooring Expressions, we provide comprehensive water damage restoration services using a proven step-by-step approach. During our service visit, we will alleviate further water damage, repair broken plumbing systems, extract excess water build-up from the premises, and dry out your property. Then we will clean, sanitize, and restore personal belongings. Concluding with a final inspection, we’ll ensure your property is safe to re-enter.

    Step 1: Initial Inspection and Assessment

    We begin every water damage restoration service with a detailed inspection. Within 24 hours of receiving your call, we will begin by locating sources of water damage on your property. We will take notes and photos to document the damage for insurance purposes and to create a streamlined restoration plan. At every step of the process, we will keep you informed about damage to your property and the necessary steps to take to alleviate future damage.

    Step 2: Water Extraction

    Then we will begin extracting excess water that has accumulated on your property. Areas where water pools and accumulates can be at risk of structural damage and cave-ins. That’s why it’s important to remove all excess water as quickly as possible. To efficiently remove water from the premises, we employ industrial vacuums and extraction equipment. This will stop further damage, reduce the chances of mold growth, and help eliminate the spread of harmful microbial contaminants.

    Step 3: Drying Out the Property

    Next, we use industrial dryers, dehumidifiers, and fans to dry out the affected regions of your property. This will remove any remaining excess moisture that might have soaked into flooring or subflooring. Depending on the scope of the water damage to your property, this can take anywhere from 12 to 72 hours to fully remove any remaining moisture. However, this is a critical step to preventing further water damage or other types of property damage from occurring.

    Step 4: Cleaning and Sanitation

    Next, we begin cleaning and sanitizing your property. We use environmentally-friendly and child- and pet-friendly cleaning solutions only to ensure everyone’s safety as well as cleanliness. These methods have earned us a reputation as one of the safest cleaning companies in the Indianapolis area.

    Step 5: Final Restoration Measures and Inspection

    Finally, we will finish your home’s restoration process with any remaining steps necessary. Each case is unique, depending on the extent and type(s) of water damage sustained. We will return personal belongings we have restored, help you put your home back together, and conduct a final inspection to ensure no issues remain. We guarantee your satisfaction with every service we provide.

    Reasons to Choose Flooring Expressions


    You might be wondering why you should choose Flooring Expressions for water damage restoration services near you. Here are a few ways we stand out from our competitors.

    First of all, we are an entirely family-owned and operated business going into our fourth generation. We always practice the highest levels of integrity, honesty, and customer service to bring you the most comprehensive restoration in the Indianapolis area.


    Additionally, Flooring Expressions is passionate about using only child- and pet-safe cleaning methods that utilize safe, biodegradable food-grade cleaning agents. Our cleaning and restoration methods are proven to eliminate harmful pollutants, residues, and chemicals from your property while leaving the area truly clean and safe.

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    Family-owned and operated for generations, Flooring Expressions is here to serve Indianapolis and surrounding areas with reliable water damage restoration services. We can help both home and business owners restore their properties in the aftermath of water damage. Call or text us at (317) 313-1313 anytime.

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